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i like bugs
my favourite bug is scutigera coleoptrata
they are predators of lepisma saccharina
that's very nice 'cause my house swarms of silverfishes
i have three coleoptratas in my bug collection

one day i was browsing the internet
i ended up on a site about bug catchers
they were about to have a party
that sounds fun, i'll have to join them

why is everyone naked here at the party
oh my goodness are those men having sex?
i'm becoming suspicious, is this about bugs at all?
i google "bug cathing urban dictionary"

too late! they spotted me
and now those horny men are approaching me
one guy grabs my belt
i stutter, trying to say that i was mistaken

one guy starts to suck my cock and
i think that dude's gonna penetrate me
he bends me over and puts his dick in
other men are jerking off in background

covered in cum
infected with
multiple STDs
worst party ever




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