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a local bar. i'm so fucking drunk
and it feels like somebody, somebody
put something in my drink and that
something was propably LSD

i'm not feeling too great but like
i've always said: always look on
the bright side of life;
the LSD was free

suddenly a terrible urge overwhelms me
i'm an alpha male and i need to
fuck dem bitches right in the pussy
i'm the alpha fucking male yeah

i'm feeling so fucking attractive
i could get whoever i want
i'm gonna score the hottest girl
in the bar and later fuck her brains out

then there's a blackout, i can't remember what happened
but we ended up in her place and had sex

i wake up it's 10 am and
i'm gonna throw up very soon
i turn around to see what's next to me
oh my god, did i just fuck that?

how come she was so pretty last night
and now shes a fucking whale? i must have been
fucking wasted. i need to leave and
must not wake her up

on second thought
i'm short of money
they used human fat
to make soap in fight club

kitchen knife
stomach fat
slice and dice

ugly whore
left to die
human soap




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